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Death Inside of Me- A Single

Hey friends, today is a special day for us. Today we released our new single, Death Inside of Me. We had a lot of fun collaborating, and now is the time to hear back from you all! It is one of the five tracks that will appear on our upcoming EP. The EP itself will be released in September, as for now. If the date changes, we will update you all. Music is only so if people listen. So, you know what to do… enjoy. We appreciate you all!

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All Things Photography

We took some Pictures around our beautiful state. A huge thanks to our friend Lindsay Illian for her expertise in all things photography. We just wanted to put faces to sounds and aesthetic visuals to our auditory concepts.

E_Heights_18 E_Heights_6 E_Heights_17 E_Heights_3 H_Final_15manlypeople

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